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Tamping rammer is also called as vibrator tamping rammer or tamping compactor. It is a new tamping machine which is used for compaction of sand, gravel, rubble, concrete and various sandy soil and also asphaltic sands, asphalt macadam, lean concrete and clay. As this kind of machine features small volume, light weight, flexible rotation, excellent welt, it is applicable to construction of various narrow site such as groove, indoor floor, yard, foot of wall and so on. Compared with general tamping machine, it has a higher impacting frequency and jumping height, it possesses higher tamping efficiency.

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Working principle of vibratory tamping rammer

Start engine, transmit from connector to pinion, after slowing down at the first level, axostylus on gear eccentric shaft drives piston rod, force the spring to absorb and release energy constantly, then high frequency vibratory is created, the whole machine jumps fast with it, it will generate impact energy to the floor and form compactness effect when dropping.


Vibratory tamping rammer technical operation procedures for safety

It should be applied in compaction of bulk material including clay soil, sand, gravel and so on, construction on cement surface and other hand floor is not allowed.

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tamping-rammerStrictly check if items are in accordance with the following requirements before construction:

All parts are connected well without looseness;

There is enough lubricating oil in internal the machine, accelerator controller rotates flexibly; there is reliable null wire or ground wire on electronic tamping rummer, surface of wire is insulated perfectly.

tamping-rammerAfter the machine is started, internal combustion engine should run in low speed for 3-5 minutes, then gradually accelerate the accelerator, do not construct until it jumps steadily.

After electronic type is connected with power supply and started, operator should check rotation direction of engine, phase line should be exchanged if the direction is not correct.

tamping-rammerOperator should master the tamping rammer correctly, slant is not allowed, handgrip shouldn’t be held too tightly, the operator only need to control forward speed of tampng rammer.

Do not press down the handgrip vigorously during normal operation, otherwise jumping height will be affected. When construction on loose filling material or upslope, operator should press handgrip slightly and accelerate forward speed of the machine.

Wherever compactness is required to be increased, operator can control the machine through handgrip to tamp on the same place repeatedly.

tamping-rammerAccording to operational requirements, internal the machine should change vibration frequency of the machine within a certain range through adjustment the accelerator.

Internal combustion type tamping rammer is not suitable for continuous operation at high speeds. Suddenly stop is not allowed when the internal combustion engine is running at a high speed.

tamping-rammerElectric type should be equipped with a leakage protection device, and the operator must wear insulated gloves and shoes. The cable should not be pulled too tightly during operation, and installation of the cable head should be checked frequently, which is not allowed to be loose or it will leak electricity. Construction in the rain is strictly prohibited

when there is abnormal noise from the machine during operation,, the machine should be shut down and inspected immediately.

tamping-rammerWhen transferring in a short distance, first slightly lift handle of the machine, install transportation wheel into hook of the tamping rammer, and then press down the handle to tilt backward center of gravity before pushing the handle to transfer the machine.

Clean varnish and loam on tamping plate, keep the machine clean and keep it properly

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