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Concrete Laser Screed Machines

We are among the best companies with group of Concrete Polishing & Concrete Laser Screed Floors machine in China. We use the latest large range Cement Polishing and Laser beam Screed Flooring equipment (With telescopic Growth of 6. 2 M) & Copper Head small line concrete laser screed & Concrete Polishing by large pour methods in mixture with our very skilled workforce as against typical VDF/Tremix Flooring. A number of support options can discover the laser screed and Cement Polishing to generate up to 600 to 2000m2 every day. Laser Screed machines opt for the broadband concrete source from batching vegetation and for that reason can place 1000 to 5000 sq. mtrs. Of concrete floors every day. Both laser receivers installed on the screed plank regularly have the sign from the transmitter. This sign is ready and screed level is changed by a simple feeling hydraulic system. Solid ATV tyres let the machine to be used on typical re-bars as well as steel fibres.
The Laser screed machine can be utilized in large area concrete construction, like the present day commercial workshop, the very best market, storage, airport, the plaza, etc. The Laser Screed can match the framework requirements of large area and high planeness and levelness.
1. Use precision laser technology, shut loop control technology and highly advanced integrated hydraulic system, and the microcomputer computerized control.
2. Use hydraulic drive system, with laser systems and computer control system to make computerized level and at the same time to complete leveling work.
3. The Laser beam Emitter that used to control the bottom elevation is unbiased layout, in order the bottom elevation won't produce accumulative mistake.
4. Laser beam Emitter, can car control the flat work surface and two-way slope.
Cement Laser Screed Applications:
In house Floors such as warehouses, plants and workshop; clean workshop for consumer electronics and device, food materials warehouses, Medication factories and warehouses and mass logistics supermarkets, centers, etc, exhibition centers and meeting.
The Laser Screed. Where huge areas of flooring is to be done this machine is utilized to do the flooring of maximum slab thickness 30 cm. Recommended rate is 5 m/min thus you can expect to cover 2400 m in a working period of 8 hours. The machine has cleaning system, pressure bomb 70 bars, to expediently clean the machine. The operator has a comfortable seat to reduce fatigue during operation. The Laser beam Screed can fulfill the construction dependence on large area and high plainness and levelness.
The number of construction equipment such as building construction equipment, building construction machine, commercial building construction machine, building construction equipment and road construction equipment, road construction equipment and encompasses Pumps, Mixing machine, Vacuum Dewatering System, Ride on Trowel, Concrete Cutter, Rammer, Walk behind Roller, Scarifier, Mixers, Vibrators & Hoists. This construction equipment really helps to serve the needs of modern construction technologies and also to deliver products of international standards & RTF.


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