concrete truss screed for sale

Concrete Truss Screed for Sale

Truss screed is a common concrete leveling machine. It is usually used in various leveling, compactness and mudding project of concrete road. Central polarization system is used in this machine, the strength of vibratory force is adjustable, slurry and leveling effects are excellent. The machine is assembled by joint, connection is executed by quick coupling, so it is convenient to unload and able to be used in concrete leveling projects of all widths.

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Concrerte Truss Screed Products & Price

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Video of the concrete truss screed

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Features of concrete truss screed

1). The machine is equipped with Honda/B&G motor, quality is guaranteed by famous brand, easy to start, superior in performance.

2). Total length adjustment can be achieved through increase or decrease of 1m or 2m single joint according to different construction requirements.

3). Bearing of Principle axis is a sphere radial bearing imported from Japan NSK, which is anti-seismic to guarantee whole performance of the machine. Error of principle axis circumference is less than 0.05mm toguarantee long term high speed rotation of the machine.

4). Transportation and storage can be divided into single parts, which makes transportation convenient and storage space small, it is the best choice for small project machinery.

5). Handling frame takes up little room, it can be used in small construction space that other paving machine can not be used in.

6). Single joint connected by ultra-strong cardan, arch form or female form of 5-10 degrees can be adjusted.

7). The whole frame is adopted with full steel structure, it is more solid and anti-seismic, “strong exciting force” can be achieved, “ deep slurry and leveling effects” are increased, and it is anti-corrosion and wear-proof.

8). Equipped with manual sheave of alloy steel gear, labor saved, durable, convenient and easy to operate.

9). Powder coating on the surface, beautiful in appearance, anti-rust and durable.



Comparison of Hiking truss screeds

Type HK-6000 Truss Screed HK-9000 Truss Screed HK-16000 Truss Screed
Working width 2-6m 6-9m 9-16m
Max depth of construction 260 mm 260 mm 260 mm
Width of single joint 50/100/200 mm 50/100/200 mm 50/100/200 mm
frequency of vibration 70 hz 70 hz 70 hz
Engine power 5.5 hp 9.0 hp 13.0 hp

If you have high requirements for the flatness of the ground, you can use power trowel or ride on power trowel to finish after you truss screed it.

Performance advantages required for vibrating beam:

  1. Max thickness of leveling is 200mm, max leveling span reaches to 16m;
  2.  After precise adjustment of the whole machine, error of leveling surface is less than 5mm, working speed reaches to at lest 1m per minute;
  3. There are 2 kinds of standard unit section (1m/2m), leveling span can be combined freely in accordance with needs, fast and flexible installation and disassembly;
  4. Compared with conventional simple leveling machine, it features higher construction efficiency and constant flatness, whole performance of concrete is greatly increased, making concrete of the same grade process stronger intensity and bear higher load;
  5. Precise and firm high-strength steel frame and zinc plated steel scraper blade, it wont be out of shape by vibration, its service life is longer;
  6. Double speed hand-cranking winch or hydraulic self winch control transportation of the whole machine, it is easy to operate, operator can control transportation speed of truss screed machine easily and uniformly.
  7. If arch connector is equipped, the floor can be leveled to arch surface or spill surface.


Common technical index

  1. Usage strength exceeds C25# concrete.
  2. Concrete should be poured to designed height at one time(use of structural concrete for direct pouring is the best way).
  3. Thickness of concrete shall be no less than 10cm when slope is designed to 1.5%-2%.
  4. Reasonably design position of floor expansion joint, on the basis of position of workshop pilework, vibration beam can be adjusted to 3-12m, generally the best width is 4.5-9m.
  5. Backfill is required to be tamped completely, height shall be backfilled in accordance with slope.
  6. Caving value of commodity concrete meets to 120mm±20mm.
  7. Water cement ratio of concrete is no more than 0.58, max diameter of concrete aggregate is 30mm.
  8. Concrete flatness shall meets to ±5mm/2m(international).





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