Vibratory Plate Compactor for Sale

Vibratory Plate Compactor is also known as plate tamper, plate compactor, ground compactor. It is widely used in various highway and municipal engineering for backfill foundation, bituminous pavement and compaction work of floor tile. Plate compactor is classified into electronic plate compactor and gasoline plate compactor according to different powers, and classified into single-direction plate compactor and double-direction plate compactor by driven mode. Hiking is a professional manufacturer who is engaged in manufacturing and selling plate compactor, the entirety of our products features compact structure, convenient movement, powerful motor, high working efficiency, superior compactness and so on.

Vibratory Plate Compactor
Vibratory Plate Compactor

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Vibratory Plate Compactor Price and products

Working principle of the machine

Its internal combustion engine drives eccentric device through clutch and belt pulley, then vibration is generated, baseboard and eccentric device are fixed together, vibrating direction can be adjusted through turning eccentric block. Through that method infinite regular of forward vibrating, stay vibrating and backward vibrating are accomplished.

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Vibratory-Plate-Compactor-for-sale-1Usage scope of vibratory plate compactor

The plate compactor is widely used for compactness work of concrete surface such as vibrating, backfill and foundation in architecture projects, factory for prefabrication, road projects and various dyke building. It is suitable for sandy soil most, because it has better compacting effect to soil with a water quantity of less than 20%. Compaction in layers should be applied during construction, working depth of each layer should be about 300mm.

Vibratory-Plate-Compactor-for-sale-1Features of vibratory plate compactor

Vibratory plate compactor is applicable for material with small cohesive power and fiction force between compacted particles such as river sand, macadam and asphalt. Its major working parameter : plate underside area, machine quality, exiting force and exiting frequency.generally speaking, plate underside area of the same specification is almost the same, so performance of plate tamper is mainly affected by machine quality, exiting force and exiting frequency. Exiting force is used for keep up forced vibration of compacted material; while exiting frequency will affect efficiency and degree of compactness, in the same exiting force, higher exiting frequency is accompanied by higher compacting efficiency and degree.

It will keep up a certain height ( usually between 0.4-0.8mm) when it jumps up. With the same exiting force, higher working efficiency is, lower vibrating quality is required, so its whole weight is less. But most compactors are driven by gasoline engine, and vibration loaded by gasoline engine is limited, so higher the working efficiency is, higher anti-vibration is required for the machine body, and higher technical requirements of each assembly are.

Vibratory-Plate-Compactor-for-sale-1Preparation work before usage

  1. Check lubricating oil of engine: rive oil pointer, clean engine oil on it, insert its mouth, check oil quantity. If engine oil is not enough, then add engine oil to it until it reaches to specified position.
  2. Check air cleaner: check if strainer is blocked, and if spongia is fracture. Over dirty strainer will cause the air cleaner blocked, the engine works feebly and even can not start.
  3. Check if any screw on the equipment is loose, if any, it must be tightened.
  4. Check if there is gasoline in fuel tank.

 Usage of vibratory plate compactor

  1. Starting method
  2. Turn on engine switch of vibratory plate compactor
  3. Turn fuel valve to “on”.
  4. Close damper, if the machine is hot or the temperature is high when the machine is in use, the damper shall not be closed.
  5. Slightly move restrictor controller to the right
  6. Gently pull handle leveler until you feel its strength, then pull stay cord and start the machine.
  7. Stop the machine:

You can turn off the engine in emergency. Normal steps to stop the machine as follow:

  1. Turn its restrictor handle from left to the end ( on low speed position).
  2. Pull engine switch to “OFF”



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