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Concrete Laser screed machine for sale in Hiking company. The machine is developed according to the increasing demands for ground quality such as strength, smoothness and levelness of modern industrial buildings, large shopping malls, warehouses and other large area cement concrete floors. The surface quality of cement concrete paved by precise laser screed machine is much better than that by conventional method – the surface smoothness and levelness increase more than three times, and the compactness and strength increase by more than 20%. At the same time, it can improve work efficiency by more than 50% and save about 35% of the labor…

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Hiking company mainly has two types of products: Ride on type and walk behind type. These two products are divided into some different models, and each model has some differences in functions and usage ranges. If you want to know more, please inquiry us. Our trowel machines are also hot selling, if you want to know more, please check: Power trowel or Ride on power trowel

Walk-behind laser screed for sale

Ride-on laser screed for sale


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Difference between types of the machine such as ride on type, walk behind type, mini type, copperhead laser screed and lightweight type.

The walk behind type is the hottest selling laser concrete screed products, It is also known as mini laser screed, copperhead laser screed and lightweight laser screed. Next, we will introduce the difference between it and ride on laser screen

Before introduction, everyone should know that the leveling effect of walk behind type is the same as that of ride on type. Their differences presented as follow:

1.Difference in price of walk behind type and ride on type

As the structure of walk behind type is relatively simple, and electronic control system equipped in it, its cost is less than that of ride on type, therefore, its price is lower. While ride on type equipped with hydraulic system, its engine power is large, it cost more than walk behind type, so its price is higher. Generally speaking, the price of ride on type is twice of walk behind type.

2.Difference in operation of walk behind type and ride on type

Previously we have introduced operation of this machine. Usage method of walk behind type is the same as ride on type, but they are different when adjustment, position of large laser receiver is adjusted by hand when walk behind leveling machine is applied, while ride on type is adjusted through input of date into the system. In total, they relatively have little differences, settings of ride on type is simple.

copperheand laser screed3. Construction efficiency of walk behind type and ride on type

Theoretically, power system of ride on type is strong and with packing auger, its construction efficiency is higher than that of walk behind type. But for ordinary concrete contractors, there is no difference between their construction efficiency. Construction efficiency of walk behind type is 1800-3000 square meters each 8-10 hours, and of ride on type is 1800-3000 square meters each 8-10 hours. if more than 3000 square meters is required to be leveled, lots of concrete is needed, common small construction site can’t supply so much concrete, In addition, if you level 2000 square meters per day, finishing work after leveling is a huge project, and if you plan to level les than 2500 square meters, both the two machines will meet your requirement.ride-on-laser-screed

4. Difference in structure of walk behind type and ride on type.

Previously we have said that walk behind type applied electronic control system, while ride on type applied hydraulic control system. Different motor also make difference, for example ev850-2 and s740 are equipped with electronic vibrating motor, s840 and s940 are equipped with hydraulic vibrating laser screed

5. major difference between walk behind type and ride on type

There is packing auger on ride on type is the major difference between walk behind type and ride on type. We have said in previous article that initial pavement in concrete construction shall be higher than actual stipulation. During leveling ride on one will expel extra concrete through packing auger, but two worker are required to be arranged behind leveling head to expel extra concrete by hand, that is the major difference between those two machines, from other aspect, ride on type save two workers cost compared with walk behind type.s940-laser-screed-same-as-somero-laser-screed


We are among the best companies with group of Concrete Laser Screed Floors machine in China. We use the latest large range Cement Polishing and Laser beam Screed Flooring equipment & Copper Head small line concrete laser leveling machine & Concrete Polishing by large pour methods in mixture with our very skilled workforce as against typical VDF/Tremix Flooring. A number of support options can discover the leveling machine and Cement Polishing to generate up to 2500 to 4000m2 every day.
The machine can be utilized in large area concrete construction, like the present day commercial workshop, the very best market, storage, airport, the plaza, etc. The concrete Laser screed can match the framework requirements of large area and high planeness and levelness.
1. Use precision laser technology, shut loop control technology and highly advanced integrated hydraulic system, and the microcomputer computerized control.
2. Use hydraulic drive system, with laser systems and computer control system to make computerized level and at the same time to complete leveling work.
3. The Laser beam Emitter that used to control the bottom elevation is unbiased layout, in order the bottom elevation won’t produce accumulative mistake.
4. Laser beam Emitter, can car control the flat work surface and two-way slope.same as somero s840 laser screed

Cement Laser Screed Applications:
In house Floors such as warehouses, plants and workshop; clean workshop for consumer electronics and device, food materials warehouses, Medication factories and warehouses and mass logistics supermarkets, centers, etc, exhibition centers and meeting.
In the case of large-area floor paving, this machine can be used to process floors with a maximum board thickness of 30 cm. Recommended rate is 5 m/min thus you can expect to cover 2400 m in a working period of 8 hours. The machine has cleaning system, pressure bomb 70 bars, to expediently clean the machine. The operator has a comfortable seat to reduce fatigue during operation.
The number of construction equipment such as building construction equipment, building construction machine, commercial building construction machine, building construction equipment and road construction equipment, road construction equipment and encompasses Pumps, Mixing machine, Vacuum Dewatering System, Ride on Trowel Machine, Concrete Cutter, Rammer, Roller Screed, Scarifier, Mixers, Vibrators & Hoists. This construction equipment really helps to serve the needs of modern construction technologies and also to deliver products of international standards & RTF.same-as-somero-s940laser-screed


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