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Concrete power screed is used for expelling air from concrete, scraping surface of concrete and enhancing intensity of concrete. It can be used in various concrete road and floor leveling projects.

Products & Price

ZPC 210y heavy concrete sower screed

ZPC-210y heavy concrete power screed

$1,800.00 $980.00

HIKING® ZPC-210y heavy concrete sower screed machine is a new high-power screed machine developed by our company. The machine adopts the transverse axis eccentric vibration mode, which makes the distribution of vibration force more uniform. At the same time, it is equipped with a gasoline engine driving machine with greater horsepower, so that the machine has better ramming effect.

ZPC 80y Concrete Power Screed Machine 1

ZPC-80y Concrete Vibrating Power Screed Machine

$580.00 $330.00

ZPC-80y Concrete Power Screed Machine adopts a lighter body, simple operation and durable aluminium alloy vibrating plate. It can be operated flexibly through the handle on the hand-held vibrating ruler and be suitable for any person with various heights to operate, increasing its usage range and convenience. It can be widely used in various concrete leveling projects.

ZPC 120y Concrete Power Screed Machine

ZPC-120y Concrete Power Screed Machine

$1,500.00 $620.00

ZPC-120y Concrete Power Screed Machine is a high-end power screed machine launched by our company. The machine uses a more durable fuselage and double-deck vibration plate, and uses a flexible shaft to conduct vibration force. It is equipped with a higher power gasoline engine, which has a longer service life and stronger vibration force. It is suitable for various types of concrete leveling projects.

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Laser screedtrowel machie and roller screed are both in hot sale. Welcome your inquiry!

Working principle of power screed machine

Gasoline engine or electronic engine is used in power screed to transfer power to eccentric block on its vibrating plate through connecting shaft, so that eccentric block can rotates. Vibrating strength created by rotation of eccentric block is transferred to screed, so that the concrete floor is performed compaction, emptiness, bulge and split phenomenon that perplexed after construction of concrete floor are conquered by the machine, solid concrete floor is accomplished. Light machine body, easy operation and long-lived aluminium alloy blade, flexible operation through hand leveler on walk behind power screed, it is suitable for operator with all heights, usage scope and convenience of the machine are enhanced. Handle leveler installed on the engine make transportation of walk behind type more convenient and safe, there won’t be any crash or abrasion situation that damage the machine.


Application scope of walk behind power screed

Walk behind power screed is mainly used in leveling of cement and concrete floor in construction site and highway construction project, it is especially applicable to cement floating and induration of roof cement for expelling air from concrete, scraping concrete surface and enhancing concrete intensity.

If you have high requirements for the flatness of the ground, you can use power trowel or ride on power trowel to finish after you power screed it.


Features of the concrete screed machine

This kind of product features light body, convenient and safe operation, length of handle leveler can be adjusted in accordance with height of operator. Vibrating plate of the machine is made from high intensive and wearable aluminium magnesium alloy, light weight and extremely wearable. Length of vibrating plate is 1-3 meters, and the length is easy to be replaced.

  • . Exciting force reaches to 260 kilograms high, to make sure of perfect working effect on any types of concrete;
  • . Power screed is easy to be controlled, handle leveler can be adjusted;
  • . Different operator can mange it;
  • . Handle leveler on engine is convenient to be moved;
  • . Folding handle leveler make it easy to transport;
  • . Especially, its aluminium alloy is firm and light;
  • . Handle leveler is designed for damping.






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