ZPC-120y Concrete Power Screed Machine


ZPC-120y Concrete Power Screed Machine is a high-end power screed machine launched by our company. The machine uses a more durable fuselage and double-deck vibration plate, and uses a flexible shaft to conduct vibration force. It is equipped with a higher power gasoline engine, which has a longer service life and stronger vibration force. It is suitable for various types of concrete leveling projects.

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Note:The default width of this machine is 2 meters, If you need other size, please inquiry us.

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Product Name ZPC-120y
Engine zhongshen S35
Power 1kw
Length of screed 2m

HIKING® Concrete vibration Power Screed Machine adopts a lighter body, simple operation and durable aluminium alloy vibrating plate. It can be operated flexibly through the handle on the hand-held vibrating ruler and be suitable for any person with various heights to operate, increasing its usage range and convenience. It can be widely used in various concrete leveling projects. The concrete vibration power screed is mainly used to level the cement, concrete and other ground in the construction of construction site and highway. It features convenient operation, high efficiency, easy handling, etc. The vibration power screed adopts a unique scraper to let a worker scrape the concrete floor, and the vibration can reduce the air gap to form a reinforced and dense concrete floor. The utility model reduces much more labor and time than labor transmission device. The flexible shaft is adopted to reduce the maintenance cost; the throttle control is used to control the vibration speed manually; the armrest is adjustable in height, making the operation more comfortable.

power screed

power screed

power screed

power screed

power screed

power screed


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    Weight 50 kg
    Dimensions 160 × 40 × 40 cm


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