ride on power trowel for sale

Ride On Power Trowel For Sale

Ride on power trowel is also known as concrete finishing machine, ride on power float and ride on trowel machine. Compared with walk behind type power trowel, the ride on power trowel reduces labor intensity and improves work efficiency. It has the characteristics of double disc and large weight of the fuselage, which has better compaction effect on the ground and can be quickly extracted. Mechanical steering operating system: Reflective and easy to control. Equipped with an energized starter engine that provides robust and reliable power for stable operation. The unique safety handle allows the operator to safely control and operate freely. The adjustable handle makes the operator feel comfortable and reduces fatigue.

Application Scope Of Ride On Power Trowel

The ride on trowel suitable for large and small construction sites, it can be used for indoor and outdoor smoothing operations. It is widely used in high-standard workshops, warehouses, plazas, airports, parking lots, pavements, road and bridge maintenance, concrete surface grouting, and smoothing is the preferred tool in concrete construction. It is often used with machines such as laser screed, roller screed, truss screed, etc., for the finishing project after concrete leveling.

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Ride on Power Trowel Price And Products

Structural Features Of The Ride On Power Trowel


1Machine Frame9Engine
2Operator’s Seat10Engine Mounted Plate
3Right Gearbox Assy11Belt Guard
4Right Trowel Arm Assy.12Guard Ring
5Chain Bottom13Clutch
6Left Gearbox Assy14Belt
7Left Trowel Arm Assy15Sprinkle System
8Guard Ring

Transporting And Lifting

Turn the engine off and remove the key from the machine before moving or transporting machine.

Attach a sling or chains through the tie-down point (a) on each side of the guard ring.

Please make sure lifting device has enough capacity to hold machine (see identificationplate on machine for weight).

ride on power trowelAttention Of Operating the machine

Don’t smoke when refueling the engine or during any other fuel handling operation.

Don’t refuel a hot or running engine.

Don’t refuel the engine near an open flame.

Don’t spill fuel when refueling the engine.

Don’t touch the engine or muffler while the engine is on or immediately after it has been turned off. These areas get hot and may cause burns.

If fuel is spilled during refueling, wipe it off from the engine of the ride on trowel immediately and discard the rag in a safe place. Don’t operate the unit if fuel or oil leaks exist-repair immediately.

t100 ride on power trowelNever operate this equipment in an explosive atmosphere.

Never operate any gas powered equipment in a poorly ventilated or enclosed area.

Never perform any work on the unit while it is running. Before working on it, stop the engine and disconnect the spark plug wire to prevent accidental starting.

Avoid prolonged breathing of exhaust gases.

Avoid contact with hot exhaust systems and engine parts.

Allow the ride on power trowel engine to cool before performing any repairs or service.

Always transport and handle fuel only when contained in approved safety containers.

Always keep the area around the muffler free of debris such as leaves, paper, cartons, etc. A hot muffler could ignite the debris and start a fire.

Machine Maintenance

1.Engine Oil

The long life and successful operation of any piece of machinery is dependent on frequent and thorough lubrication.

Before using the trowel, always check your engine for oil.

Use proper engine oil as recommended in the engine manufacturer’s manual. Fill crankcase to levels as recommended.


The drive system, gearbox and pitch posts of the ride on power trowel are equipped with several grease fittings. Grease these fittings once a week, or every 20 hours, to prevent wear.

Use a general purpose grease and add one to two shots of grease at each fitting.

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