S100 Ride on power trowel machine


S100 Ride on power float machine is a fine polishing machine with the rough concrete surface. The machine is reasonably designed and easy to operate. The surface constructed by machine is smoother than that constructed by man, which makes concrete surface more compact and durable, and it is more than 10 times more efficient than walk behind power trowel machine.

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Note:This price S100 ride on power trowel machine is equipped with honda engine, if you need B & G engine, please inquiry us.

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Product Name S100 Ride on troerl machine
Engine HondaGX690
Power 22HP
Trowel diameter 1m*2

S100 ride on power trowel machine is suitable for concrete slurry, plastering, polishing for the surface of cement and widely used on the concrete floor construction of standard factory buildings, warehouses, parking lots, squares, frame buildings and other buildings

S100 ride on power trowel machine can greatly reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency. More efficient than the armrest polisher, the machine equipped with double cutter heads has larger weight and better effect on the ground. The machine can be installed with two lifting discs at the same time for rapid pulping. Mechanical steering operation system is responsive and easy to operate. Equipped with Honda electric start engine, it provides strong and reliable power. The machine is designed with a safety emergency switch which can quickly shut down the engine and provide greater safety. The low center of gravity is designed to make the operation more stable and comfortable.

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S100 ride on trowel machine S100 ride on trowel machine


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    Weight 380 kg
    Dimensions 210 × 110 × 130 cm


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