GPJ-300H Hydraulic Roller Screed


GPJ-300H hydraulic roller screed is the ideal tool for concrete leveling. It is powerful enough to drive heavier rollers tube, making it perfect for any job site. With its mobile hydraulic station, you can easily move it around to wherever you need it. Plus, its compact design makes it easy to store and transport. So whatever your concrete leveling needs, the hydraulic roller screed is the perfect solution.



PowerMobile hydraulic station
Working width1-6m
Rotational Speed10-200 RPM
Oil pipe length15m

Looking for a versatile and powerful hydraulic roller screed? Look no further than the GPJ-300H from our company. This top-of-the-line screed can be used for various concrete leveling projects, and comes with 1-6 m long roller tubes (147-152 mm in diameter) for greater precision and efficiency. Plus, it can be powered by your own hydraulic station or by our optional YZ30 mobile hydraulic power station – making it perfect for any application. So why wait? Get the GPJ-300H today and see concrete leveling like never before!

In addition to hydraulic products, we also offer you electric, battery and gasoline roller screed products. if you need, please check: Roller Screed For Sale 

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