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Concrete roller screed is a type of concrete leveling equipment. It can be used for all types of concrete leveling projects. It does not vibrate and compacts the concrete by rotating the rollers, so it is also known as a spin screed.

What is spin screed?

Spin screed (Also known as “roller screed”) is the equipment used for concrete leveling. It flattens the concrete by means of a rotating screed tube. It has no vibration and can be driven 4 ways by electric, gasoline, hydraulic and battery.

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What if the spin screed tube is too long to transport?

You can purchase our patented product – connectable screed tube system. It consists of three pcs 2 meter and one 1 meter spin screed tubes and two tubes connectors, which can be combined into different configurations according to your needs.

Connectable Roller Tube System

What does a roller screed do?

A roller screed is a machine that is used for leveling concrete slabs. It is a popular choice for concrete leveling projects, as it is lightweight and easy to move around. Additionally, the machine walks forward as it rolls, which saves labor. The operator only needs to stand and pull the machine back, which decreases damage to the waist and back.

Compared to vibrating screed, roller screed has many unique features. You can check “Roller screed VS Vibrating screed” for the specific differences.


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Classification of the spin screed.

Roller screed is classified as electronic type, gasoline type and hydraulic type. Distinction of those types are:

Classification Advantages Disadvantages
Electronic Roller Screed Light weight, low noise, portable to carriage 220v/320V power supply is required, impetus is relatively small.
Gasoline Roller Screed Light weight, portable to carriage, impetus and efficiency are increased compared with electronic type. High noisy, impetus is relatively small compared with hydraulic type.
Hydraulic Roller Screed Powerful impetus High noisy, not portable.

Attentions need to be paid in chose of roller screed.

The same as purchase of any other concrete equipment, contractors need to carefully check detailed information and machine selection of project before purchase. For people major in architecture, we suggests that contractor should comprehend working status first before purchase of spin screed. For example: if template support is required, bellow roller screed is enough. Beside, as the spin screed can not vibrate by itself, if required by the project, contractor need to use vibrator to execute vibration.

roller screed for sale

How to use roller screed

  1. Roller must be tightly connected with both-side connector before using the machine. Check if haul handles are connected with connector tightly. If your machine is electronic type, please check if all electric wires are perfect to avoid leakage of electricity. If your machine is gasoline type, please see if engine oil of your machine are on the best position.
  2. Framework is supported and padding of concrete is performed, then roller of the machine is put on framework.
  3. Two operators are needed to hold handle on both sides of the machine, they interact with each other to control walking speed of it through leveling speed of concrete floor.
  4. Please note that roller must be on framework throughout the whole usage of the machine, to avoid screw sticks to concrete.
  5. Prevention of long stay of spin screed on the same position, if concrete are lack in template occurs, you should turn off the machine, and turn on it to perform leveling after concrete is prepared.
  6. After finishing use of the machine, you should clean up the roller in time so that it will be convenient for use next time, please note to shut off the power supply when you clean it up. Meanwhile please mind to strike driving system to avoid driving engine of concrete roller screed damage due to water touch.

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