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Concrete trowel mahine is also regarded as concrete finishing machine, It include walk behind power trowel machine and ride on power trowel machine. there is a trowel rotor driven by gasoline engine in it, a trowel on the cross bottom in the middle of the rotor. It can finish 100-300 square meters per hour, which is 30 times as human’s work. Vergence direction of trowel is the same as that of rotor, gasoline drive v belt to make the rotor rotate. When operate it, press the start button, hold up the control handles, push them forward to make the machine go forward, and pull it back to make the machine backward.

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3.Video of the concrete trowel machine

YouTube video

4. Application scope of the trowel machine

Power trowel is widely used in high standard workshop, warehouse, parking, square, airport and frame type building for mudding, troweling, finishing of concrete. It is relatively a better tools in concrete construction. There are two kinds namely ride on power trowel and walk behind power trowel. Therein, ride on power trowel is easier to operate and its working efficiency is higher compared with walk behind trowel machine, a ride on power trowel is equal to six walk behind trowel machines, it can construct 2000-3000 square meters per days, it is applicable for construction of road, factory, underground parking and so on. It could work with our company’s laser screed or roller screed to efficiently finish the concrete floor/slab work.

T100 ride on trowel machine

G100 power trowel5. Price of the trowel machine

There are kinds of trowel machines supplied by Hiking, prices range from USD300-USD4000. Different forms and equipment of machines decide the prices, for example, price of the same power trowel with different reducer and engine will be differ from each other. Prices of ride on trowel machine and walk behind power trowel are greatly different. Now all our machines are offered a considerable discount, if you want to know detailed prices, please feel free to contact us or leave your contact information bellow, we will give you a exact price at the first time.

T100 ride on trowel machine6. Advantages of hiking ride on trowel machine

  • Ride on operation can greatly decrease labor intensity and accordingly increase working efficiency.
  • There can be placed two scaleboards to fastly mudding.
  • There are 10 blades on each sides, net weight is more than 400kg, compactness to floor is better.
  • Rotation and operation system of the machine is sensitively, which makes operation light and causal.
  • High quality reducer equipped, rotation speed reach to 180 r/m, faster finishing speed, better effect.
  • High powered electronic started engine, powerful and reliable power.
  • There is a cut off switch for safety, which can quickly shut off engine to make sure of safety.
  • Screw can be controlled to adjust angles of blade.
  • Water sprinkler system and illumination design make constructions more convenient.
  • Movement tire equipped make transportation more convenient.T80 ride on power float

7. Classification of the trowel machine

Concrete floor power trowel generally classified into two types, one is walk  behind concrete power trowel, the other is ride on concrete power trowel, there are different specifications for them to meet different construction requirements.

Walk behind power trowel: flat gear regulated mechanism adopted, flexible and convenient, it is easy and operable to workers with different height, it has good finishing effect and high efficiency. Sizes of trowel plate are 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm and 1200mm.

Ride on power trowel: labor intensity is greatly decreased, working efficiency enhanced compared with the above product. Double trowel plate designed, equipped with powerful horsepower engine, provision of powerful and reliable power, stable performance, high working efficiency. Sizes of trowel plate are double trowel plate of 1000mm and 800mm.

8. How to use Walk behind power trowel

Walk behind power trowel is easy to operate, steps are listed as follow:

  • Start power trowel, operate handle.
  • Tightly hold up control lever to make the machine body keep balance
  • Make sure the machine is in balance when you operate it, direction shall be adjusted in time when the machine is working on floor to avoid lose of control.
  • First coarse grinding then fine grinding. When the floor is applicable to fine grinding after coarse grinding, unload millstone and finish with trowel blade.W100-c Walk behind Trowel machine (chromium plating)

9. How to use ride on power trowel

The ride on power trowel is easy to operate. After the direction adjustment, the operation not only saves labor but also improves labor efficiency.

The specific operation is shown in the following figure:

how to use ride on trowel

Turn clockwise and counter-clockwise

how to use ride on trowel

Move forward or backward

how to use ride on trowel

Move left move right

The ride on power trowel moves forward when both hands hold the handle tightly and push forward; backward when pull back; the machine turns clockwise when pushes forward on the left handle pushed forward and right handle pulled back; and the machine turns counter-clockwise when inversely;

When left handle is still and the right handle is pushed left, the machine moves left; and the machine moves right inversely. In operation, attention should be paid to obstacles on the ground. If a machine collides with it, it may damage the machine, and more seriously, it may throw people out of the machine. In addition, during operation, if there is too much water on the floor, the machine may suddenly lose control and slip. We should pay attention and operate carefully.W100 walk behind power float machine

10. Attention to be paid in operation of this machine:

  • Please check motor, switch and cable before running the machine to see if they are in accordance with safety requirement. And connect null line to box cover of reducer, to avoid electric leakage.
  • After connection of cable, please overturn the trowel machines make the float hang. Then turn on the machine, check if the power trowel rotate along right direction.
  • Check if bolt on bracing plate, safety cover and other parts loose.
  • In order to keep the floor flat, operator should wear flattie.
  • After construction finished, mortar left on the machine shall be erased, flat plate and joint bolt on flat device should be wipe and smeared with grease to protect them. G100 power trowelS100 ride on trowel machineP100 power float machine


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