Concrete scarifier for sale

1. What is concrete scarifier

Concrete scarifier is understood as the names of concrete milling machine, asphalt milling device, floor scarifier machine, it is widely utilized in bridge deck pavement, bridge deck shearing, the elimination of old road surface areas, as well as the ground procedures of flight terminal path, parking great deals, squares an some various other concrete ground. The flooring scarifier can not just be used to excavate and also renovate asphalt and also concrete sidewalk such as highway, roadways, airports, freight lawn, however also can be used to eliminate some pavement surface area defects.

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3. Product application range

Applications of scarifiers consist of heavy or light milling, getting rid of layers (such as flooring tile mastics, rubbery adhesives, or epoxy), grooving sidewalks as well as sidewalks to make them slip resistant, and also leveling misaligned concrete joints and irregular surface areas.

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4. Operate method of floor scarifier

Before Starting the Machine:
Perform a visual inspection of the entire machine and all daily maintenance.
Locate and be familiar with all engine/motor and operating controls.
For Gasoline models, obtain the Engine Manufacturer’s Owner’s Manual. Read it and understand it before
continuing. Follow the engine manual for break-in instructions.
Use the correct cutters for the job. Be sure cutter drum is balanced, the number, size and type of cutter wheels are correct and the cutter drum shaft is locked and secured.
Be sure all fasteners are tight and secure, check for signs of metal cracking or fatigue, inspect for damage to electrical wiring, damage to fuel lines, check bearings, etc.
Be sure all guards are in place. Do not operate unless cutter drum guard is in place and secure.
Inspect work area to determine the presence and location of deck inserts, pipes, columns and objects protruding from the slab surface so that they may be avoided during operation.

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Starting the Engine/Motor:

For Electric Models:
Be sure the “OFF” button is depressed on the motor starter box.
Hook up the correct voltage/phase electrical power source by plugging into the connector provided.
If the cord does not mate with the connector, consult a qualified licensed electrician before continu-
Verify that the electrical current being supplied is the proper voltage and phase required to run the
Check motor rotation. Cutter drum rotation on the model WRS machines is “down cut.” DO NOT uses if drum rotation is incorrect – have a qualified electrician make the necessary change in the main control panel or motor connection box?
For Gasoline Models:
Consult the Engine Manufacturer’s Owner’s Manual and follow the directions for starting the engine and allow the engine to warm up.

Starting the Cut:

Slowly lower the cutter head to the slab surface with the cutter head lever.
Rotate the Depth Control down until you hear the cutters contact the slab. Once contact is made lower the machine an additional 1/8” for the initial pass. Additional passes can be made in 1/8” increments to a maximum depth of 3/8″. Cutting more than 1/8 per pass could result in damage to the drum and machine.
Use an Industrial Vacuum Dust Control System for dry planning operations.
Optional water hookup also available.

To Stop Cutting:

Move cutter head control lever to raise cutter head assembly above slab surface.
For gasoline and propane models, close throttle and turn the ignition switch to the “OFF” position.
For electric models, depress the “OFF” button.

Concrete ScarifierConcrete Scarifier


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